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The Fredonia Cemetery is the final resting place of many early settlers and famous travelers.  The cemetery is located on the edge of town, overlooking the red buttes and desert valley.  The location offers a peaceful atmosphere for paying tribute to loved ones. 

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Cemetery Regulations for General Public
The purpose of the following regulations is to preserve the integrity of the cemetery grounds, assure safety of cemetery visitors and minimize maintenance costs.

 Cemetery water supply is non-potable water. It is from a non-treated, secondary water system and is unsuitable for drinking.
 The cemetery is closed to the public from 10:00 pm to 5:00 am Arizona Time.
 Within the cemetery, it is unlawful to operate any vehicle at a speed greater than 10 mph. Parking or driving off the designated roadway is strictly prohibited.
 No firearm shall be discharged into or from within the boundaries of the cemetery, with the exception of military and law enforcement rites or memorial.
 Household pets must remain on a leash or within the confines of a vehicle at all times. With the exception of service animals and horse-drawn wagons at burials, no other animals, horses or livestock are permitted in the cemetery.
 No fence, coping, railing, hedge, tree, plant, shrub, bush or other item shall be erected, placed or planted to mark the confines or borders of any lot, grave or part thereof except for a monument placed in accordance with the provisions set forth herein.
 No person shall disturb the lawn, plant any trees, shrubs or plants without prior approval of the cemetery manager.
 No person shall damage, deface or otherwise interfere with any monument, marker, cornerstone, roadway, building, other property or landscaping feature, which has been installed upon cemetery grounds.
 Floral pieces and other decorations will be monitored by the cemetery caretakers and will be removed when they no longer compliment the gravesite.
 Glass and ceramic items are allowed on the gravesite for one week following a holiday. If not removed after one week, the cemetery manager or designated caretakers will remove the item and discard.
 The Town of Fredonia is not responsible for the loss or damage of any personal articles left at any gravesite or lot.
 Every effort should be made to keep artificial flowers and memorial objects on the headstone or foundation. Any and all objects that block or interfere with mowing shall be removed. Items removed shall not be replaced. Shepherd hooks can be placed next to the headstone if they do not interfere with mowing.
 Gravesites will be mowed 6 inches from the cement pad in order to avoid damage to mowing equipment and headstones.

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