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Animal Control

Animal Control

(928) 643-7241
 24 hour Emergency Dispatch (928)644-2349

Officers are available 7:00am to 6:00pm, Monday through Thursday.

It is the policy of the Animal Control Unit to provide the citizens of Fredonia with courteous, professional and effective animal control.  The Animal Control Unit seeks to ensure the rights of animal owners and non-owners.

Fredonia residents are permitted to keep up to a maximum of three dogs on their premises, unless the property is being used as a Licensed Kennel or you obtain a Multi- dog License.

Licensing your pet

All dogs kept, harbored, or maintained in the town of Fredonia must be licensed and registered if over four months of age.  Dog licenses shall be issued by the police department or the Town Office.  Before any license may be issued for a spayed dog, a certificate in writing signed by a veterinarian shall be presented and filed with the Town Clerk.  Fredonia residents are reminded that every dog in Fredonia Town limits must be licensed yearly on or before January 31st. In addition, the Town Code requires that every dog must be vaccinated for rabies.  Fredonia residents can purchase dog licenses at the Town Office located at 25 N Main St.


Dogs - NOT Spayed/Neutered

Dogs Spayed/Neutered

$50 per dog

$5 per dog

To register your dog or cat, please visit the Town Office.

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